Sprouted Adzuki & Mung Bean Hummus

vegan lunch

It has been a tough couple of weeks. You know… escrow on the business was trying to say the very least, then suddenly escrow closed (which we were quite sure never would) and life drastically changed overnight. I am kinda mourning a little bit. Is that weird? It is almost as if I lost someone close to me, but not really because the freedom has me giggling sometimes and I don’t tend to giggle when I am mourning. It is a really strange feeling but it isn’t bad, it is just so damn strange to have Meze pop into my mind (like every three minutes) without the need to worry about it. That is where the smile creeps up on me. However, I still have a pit in my stomach just praying everything is okay over there, that my baby is content.

Sooooooo to make it all better, I am poolside right now. It is 96 degrees and I am sipping a really strong margarita. Sorry. I had to tell you. I also made some really neat ‘hummus’ this week (again, beginning to get my life back and actually cooking whatever the hell I want). First I sprouted Adzuki and Mung beans then I blended them with tahini, lemon juice and zest, garlic, salt, pepper and water. If you have not sprouted before, now is your time. It is so easy and really preserves the nutrients of these little beans. Start with a sprouting jar (thank you for mine, Jamie) here or you can just scout out your local health foods store or search the web, they are all over the place and they are super inexpensive. I am not sure what brand mine is but it is glass with a steel lid and it came with instructions. Follow the instructions on how to sprout the beans. It couldn’t be much easier. Soak, rinse, sit, rinse, sit, rinse, sit, viola! This seems to be a great resource for sprouting instructions.

sprouting 1sprouting 2

Sprouted Mung & Adzuki Bean Hummus
2 cups sprouted beans (a mixture of Adzuki and Mung)
2/3 cup tahini
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 medium lemon: juice and zest
3 cloves of garlic, peeled and smashed
1 teaspoon ground cumin
generous pinch of flakey salt
freshly ground pepper
splashes of water until desired consistency/flavor

Blend everything in a food processor for two – three minutes or even a little longer. Really blend here, you want to break down those sprouts. Adjust salt and pepper to your taste.
To serve, spoon into a pretty bowl, drizzle good-quality olive oil with a heavy hand then top (be generous) with dukkah, za’atar, finely chopped green onions, toasted almond slivers, dried cherries or whatever you desire. This time I chose dukkah and green onions because it is what I had on hand. I held myseld back from adding harissa or something spicy to the blend but I might try that next time. I made myself and J a vegan lunch plate with the hummus, freshly cut kohlrabi, almonds, dried figs, chopped pita bread and two glasses of this rosé. It is an incredible rosé for the price, check it out.

vegan lunch w. rose

4 responses

    • Thank you, Susan. You will love this hummus, it is so healthy too. Get sprouting, girl! My beans sprouted in less than 48 hours… I can’t believe how easy it is. I had a bunch of beans left over after making the hummus so I topped an omelet with them, adds a lot of protein and nutrients to a morning breakfast. :) -k

  1. I finally made this DELICIOUS hummus last night. And you were right: the mung and adzuki beans sprouted quickly. Using the leftover beans to top off a big green salad tonight. Thanks, Kari!

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