Herbs w. Orecchiette, Mushrooms & Pecorino

Ugh, I am sorry for those random weird posts yesterday. I was trying to link my blog to Bloglovin’ and I couldn’t figure it out. Clearly. Anyway… do you have an herb garden you are growing? I hope so. Ours are just going crazy right now. J is going to replant them today because of the move. Did I mention we are moving? San Francisco, end of the month. We could not be more excited. I think I mentioned I might call that place home one day. So as it goes… here we go. Adventure #?. I lost track a while ago.

Herb Orecchietta w. PecorinoI mean, the business is sold and I am ready for that next step. Step one is to move. Step two is to get a job. The great thing about owning your own business (besides emptying all your accounts, signing up for more debt in bank loans and working for free year over year) is that you really get to know yourself pretty well. And not only yourself but bizzness and what it is really like. I promise you have no idea if you’ve never ran payroll, seen an insurance quote, or managed a team of emotional yet amazing individuals that are relying on you. It is an incredible experience (seriously I loved every minute) and one I hope leads me to the next adventure in my career (no way does it involve owning a business right now though). I will fill you in on the process and the (fingers crossed) progress.

many of herbs please!

I have made this dish in many a form so wanted to share with you one of my favorite preparations. It is pretty dang simple but you need a lot of herbs. Organic, healthy, vibrant, fresh herbs. Basil, tarragon, chives are used here simply because it was what was looking best in the yard. But I have also used marjoram (a fav), thyme, oregano, sage, rosemary, etc. The ones I would avoid would be those such as… mint. Reserve that for tea after your meal or the next batch of hummus you whip up.

Herbs w. Orecchiette, Mushrooms & Pecorino
8 ounces dry Orecchiette pasta
8 ounces button mushrooms, wiped (not rinsed) clean and sliced
2 large cloves garlic, minced really fine
3 giant handfuls of herbs, chopped. Use basil, tarragon, marjoram, chives, oregano, etc.
shaved or grated pecorino romano cheese
good quality extra virgin olive oil. I just bough this one, it is fairly easy to find and I love it.

Boil water for your pasta, salt the water well.
Meantime, sauté the mushrooms in just a touch of cooking olive oil. Do not crowd the mushrooms in your pan, they will get soggy.
Cook your pasta according to directions on the box. Do not over cook the pasta! Drain when finished and reserve a tablespoon or so of cooking water (not too much, you do not want your pasta watery. This is just to add back some salty starchy flavor).
In a large serving bowl, toss pasta w. tablespoon of reserved cooking water and a drizzle or so of the olive oil. Add the mushrooms and fresh garlic. Toss. Now add the herbs and toss gently once more. Serve and top each bowl with a drizzle of the good olive oil, a generous amount of shaved or grated pecorino romano and a good crack of black pepper.
Serves 2

dinner is servedI paired the pasta with Sprouted Kitchen’s Arugula Caprese Salad w. Kale Pesto. I made a few changes and probably overdressed the arugula w. the pesto (but it was so good, I could not help loading it on). We drank a really neat wine with this dinner. I took an awful photo of it (after we drank the whole bottle). But here it is. I called it a “Baby Barolo”. 100% Nebbiolo from Roero. Fun producer, I want to try more wines from them. I bought the wine at this awesome little shop. If you are in Noe Valley, SF, stop in!

Matteo Correggia Roero 2010

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