No Long Goodbyes

We left SLO one week ago today. What blessings that beautiful place gave me. An education, a half-dozen spots to call home, two incredible careers, a passion, two pups, my own business, a fiancé and dozens of best friends. Sheesh.
Big big love for that place.

sheba makes the trip

But no long goodbyes.

One week had skipped by as if we just arrived. I guess when we sold our bed, dresser, sofa, coffee table, washer/dryer, and refrigerator (plus hundreds of other ‘things’) I wasn’t thinking of what a pain in the a– it was going to be to get a normal life up and going again. Hence the reason I am sitting on an aero bed here as my ‘sofa’ and this will be night 12 sleeping on an aero bed. First world problems – yes?

Below are some photos of the journey right now. I could share dozens, but these spare you the boring details. By boring I mean… insane ice cream four blocks from our casa, French 75’s, a NOPA welcome dinner, Bi-Rite Market visits, I am digging this little gem too, Muni rides, a Padrecito birthday party, a Pier 23 birthday party, mucho yoga, blah blah blah. Just another week in SF………… No, truly, I am leaving out the fact that I have spent WAY too much time on my computer researching a new career. Actually today I am pleased to say a light went off and I am really pumped on the opportunity here and very excited about getting and starting a new job (fingers crossed for me please!).


our first dinner at home in sf

what is going on?

craving mussels

the markets here are awesomeI need to tie these moments to my dear Wholesome Project. Throughout this journey and process I have found anxiety creeping up on me as well as fear, sadness and most importantly impatience. I want to leave you a tip here… in everything you do, from eating an apple to making a huge life change – find patience. Find that calm inside of you that says, “I am in control and I should enjoy this experience”. The clutter will disappear, the couch will arrive, the mattress will feel so good when it gets here and I CAN get used to unlocking four locks to get into my home all while holding two anxious dogs, a yoga mat and a bag of groceries. Take a moment to breathe through change. When a security blanket is abruptly removed it is a little scary (trust me, I feel it right now!). Adjustment phases will pass. Comfort will set it. Enjoy the smell, color and taste of your apple in the very moment of enjoying it. Look out  the window beyond the chaos and embrace times in your life to grow. They are few and far between.

Namaste. xo -k

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  1. I’m loving this! Am so glad you are enjoying your new home and city. I am bookmarking all the eateries and experiences you are having – to remind myself to check them out too! I cannot wait to hear about your new professional venture. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that all goes well and works out for the best.

    • Thanks so much, Erin. Looking for a new job is so time consuming, it is crazy! I am loving all your posts too, keep ’em coming. When you get here we can have a girls night out! I feel like I need one. ;) xo

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