I’ve Missed You. And Persimmons.

Three Persimmons

You probably thought I gave up on the whole blogging thing only after like ten posts.

Time is an endangered species in my life right now; no need to bore you with the details but a commute, full-time job and a part-time yoga teacher training gig has me on lock-down. Eating and sleeping are still on the agenda but not much else. And I am totally okay with it. I do plan on rejoicing the afternoon of December 8th when I graduate as a ‘certified’ yoga teacher and gather back 20 hours a week to my life. Without a doubt I will have them filled up by December 9th. And I am sure mostly with yoga. ;)

I eat, breathe, celebrate and now work with (!!!) wholesome, delicious, local, seasonal food so I cannot stop thinking about the next thing I want to share with you. The night before last, I was feeling really frustrated about not having any time to cook and play with recipes (and all the incredible Autumn bounty) so I decided I needed to sit with my shit (thank you, Erica) and cultivate another way to share on my blog and in my life right now.

Can I just say one thing… I am very thankful for life and for my friends, family and for you for reading and supporting my adventure in blogging. Thank you.

Now… on to my second favorite Fall fruit – the one that holds me up when apple season ends. The gorgeous Persimmon.

Persimmon 5

So my idea here is to share with you some of my favorite persimmon recipes or point you to some I am going to try out this season. I also want to tell you about the wholesome benefits of eating persimmons.

Persimmons are native to China and in the berry family – can you believe that? Me neither. There are many different kinds, however, the two common are Fuyu and Hachiya. Fuyus (all my my photos here are of Fuyus) are squatty and round and shaped a lot like a tomato; Hachiyas are shaped like a giant acorn, more elongated. You want to eat or cook with a Fuyu Persimmon when they are firm. You can let them ripen a bit on the counter and they may get darker in color and a little less firm but you will want to use them when they are still nice and firm. On the contrary, when eating or cooking a Hachiya, please do yourself a favor, have patience and let it ripen to soft and squishy before eating. Hachiya Persimmons are highly tannic and astringent and are quite possibly one of the most foul flavors when consumed before lusciously ripe. It would be a really mean trick to play on someone. It is right up there with Oregano Oil. Bleh. However, consumed ripe, these smooshy loves are so sweet and delicious.

Persimmons are quite wholesome and healthy. They are very high in Vitamin A (orange like carrots!) for eye health; high in fiber and very low in fat (like most fruits); full of antioxidants (cancer fighting!); they also are rich in copper which aids in the absorption of iron (non-meat eaters can benefit from this!); and one thing I found particularly interesting is that Chinese Medicine has long prescribed Persimmon during the treatment of hiccups. I get hiccups often so I this is a breakthrough finding. Persimmons are also a source of Vitamins C, B6, Potassium and the mineral Manganese.

A circle of orange love

Seems as though different varieties of Persimmons grow pretty much everywhere. I do not think they ship well and I always want to encourage buying local so check in at your farmers market. You can imagine where I am buying mine.

Onto some recipes….
+I do recommend eating a Fuyu Persimmon like an apple. If you haven’t before, it is exactly what you are supposed to do and they are so delicious. After taking these photos I ate one. I also love cutting them in half and eating slices… the star in the center is so satisfying. :)

  • This one here rocks my world. Fall = time to bake breads! And if you do not know David Lebovitz, it is time you do.
  • This looks gorgeous and so easy. I really love these sorts of recipes when hosting a dinner party! So delicious and easy to throw together after dinner. Just make sure you do not have too many glasses of wine in you. I have burned many of these! ;)
  • I am making these at Thanksgiving! And I just found a new blog to follow, fun! Is she a TV star? I have no idea.
  • I have also made Persimmon Caprese before. Just remove tomato and insert persimmon. Here is a wonderful inspiration!
  • And I will leave you with this. Come on! In fact I think I am going to hop into the kitchen and make it now. I have the morning off today because I have to work late tonight. Whoohoo!

I have missed writing on this blog, I love it so much. Such a nice outlet for me to jot down what I have been thinking and dreaming about. Right now it is this little orange fruit. How incredible it is. I hope you will celebrate its short but beautiful season. If I had a place, I think I would plant a tree. I used to see them growing around our neighborhood in SLO. Sending you love this season. Hopefully it will not take me so long to post again. ;) xo -kari

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  1. Kari – I meant to comment on your blog before, but bravo! Love the concept, your writing is entertaining and informative and your pictures are lovely. And somehow I always forget the lovely persimmon … so, thanks! Hope you’re loving SF :) ~ Nicole

    • Nicole – This is so nice of you, thank you so much! We are loving SF, it is a wonderful city. Definitely many things we miss about SLO too. :) How are you both? What is new? Hope to catch up soon and wishing you all the best! xoxo

  2. I cut open a Fuyu tonight, unsure if it was ripe and took a bite – sweet, but very crunchy – so Josh advised me not to eat it because we thought it wasn’t ripe and might cause a tummy ache. Well, now I’m off to fish it out of the compost! ;-) Always happy to read your blog Kari, you’ve inspired me to revisit mine. Love you!

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