An Italian Love Affair

Siena from Campo Regio


Sitting in Siena now. I am eating a lot of cheese and I granted myself permission to taste salamis and the like. Can’t say I am that excited about them but tasting while here has been nothing short of interesting.

This view is familiar to me. I have memories here, many now and more to come. My parents are here and so are my aunt and uncle. It feels special to have family in Italy with us, when we pulled up to Orte to pick them up from the train station I was overwhelmed with excitement; my aunt and uncles’ first time in Europe and my parents’ second now. We stayed at this interesting agriturismo for three nights, it was beautiful. We ran the vineyards and ate from the property.



My brother just wrote me and he and my sister and ‘other brother’ made it safe to Europe as well. So did J’s mom and sis. His other sis is on her way. A few hiccups but as my mom used to tell me… ‘you’ll never remember it on your wedding day’. My wedding day? Mamma mia! That is less than a week away. I better stop eating the cheese. More to come from Italia and the love affair…

cheese at eataly


provole in rotta



for you, good eggs

6 responses

  1. Best wishes to you and Jason and all of your family and loved ones on your wedding day and for the rest of your lives. Happiness and fulfillment. From Patty Gabrisch in San Luis Obispo. Missing you both and thinking of you often with fondness and warm wishes.

    • Patty… we think of you often and think you are just the most special lady ever. Thank you for your sweet wishes, Jason and I are so happy and will hope to see you soon sometime! If you are ever in SF, please let us know!! xoxoxoxo

  2. Best Wishes to you all…send photos….and a cute man my way…just saying. I’ll be in SF mid April. Would love to catch up.
    Cheers and happy Wedding Day

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